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Diddly Dee Dudes

Diddly Dee Dudes

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The Story of The Diddly Dee Dudes

The Diddly Dee Dudes are a peace loving creature from, what

was once, the planet of Pluto.  In 2006 the International

Astronomical Union downgraded Pluto to “dwarf

planet” status. Well diddly-dee, they said. How RUDE?

They decided to move, and besides, Pluto was pretty

chilly and it took a lot of diddly squats to keep warm. 

They landed on Earth in the winter of 2020 at Lalaland

Glass Studio.  They claimed the studio as their own and

established Diddly Ville.  Kirei Samuel found them in the

studio in the spring of 2021 and since they were such lovely

beings she didn’t even charge them rent. 

The Diddly Dee Dudes would now like to meet more earthlings.


Sold with an excellent suction cup and gift packaged