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Workshops and Online Classes

Haliburton, ON Workshop

Haliburton Students

Workshops are closed until April 2022.  Thank you for your interest.

I have been teaching Glass Fusing, Slumping and Surface Decoration for the last 5 years at The Haliburton School of Art and Design.  It is a 5 day intensive course jammed packed with projects, information and creativity. The student is introduced to all types of glass techniques for each segment, including working with different types of glass (eg. sheet, frit, dichroic and more!).

GREAT NEWS ~ I have been contacted and given my dates for teaching at Haliburton for 2022.  I am hoping the contract comes soon, they said they just have a few more hurdles to get over and it should all be a go.  I have missed teaching at Haliburton,  there is such creative energy from all the different courses, teachers and students.  

 Student Projects Haliburton glass selection Haliburton


The class sells out quickly so check back and apply early if you are interested.



Lalaland Glass Studio Workshops - Prince Edward County, ON


Unfortunately workshops are closed until April 2022.  Unfortunately my studio is unheated.  I am working on being able to teach workshops year round, more news on that later.


I am offering online sessions for aspiring glass artists. I have many years of experience and can help you with techniques, tips and tricks, troubleshooting problems you may be experiencing.



In order to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe, I will be offering group workshops (1 adult minimum if children are participating) to people who live together and are in direct contact with each other. The course will take place outside, under a tent.  I will wear a mask and I am double vaxxed If the participants are in their bubble and have been double vaxxed, mask wearing is optional.   Hand sanitizer will be provided. I will be following all Government Public Health rules and regulations and make any adjustments should changes arise.

You can choose from the following options or If these options do not thrill the pants off of you, contact me and let me know what it is you want and I can tailor a workshop just for you! Please note, I do not teach intensive glass courses out of my studio.

Project #1 Sun Catcher or 2 Coasters

For this, each participant will have the opportunity to create a sun catcher, 2-3 pendants and a pair of earrings.

The sun catcher size is approximately 4" x 6". The Coaster size is 4" square,  Price: $75.00 per person. Groups of 4 or more $70.00 per person.



Project #2 Square Dish

The size is approximately 5". As with Option #1, included are 2-3 pendants and a pair of earrings using dichroic glass. This takes 2 firings to complete so the price is a little higher at $80.00 per person and groups of 4 or more at $75.00.



Each class is approximately 3 hours in length and includes all supplies. Pieces will be ready for pick up or mailing within 3 days after the class. Mailing is charged based on weight and destination.


For all enquires please send me a note.